The two covers

In 2018 I bought an iPad together with an Apple Pencil and a red Smart Cover. Sometime later I also got a case with a keyboard that could be flatten in a way, that I still could use the Pencil with the iPad being in the case.

A few weeks ago I got myself a new shiny iPad Pro (M4) and while I was at it, I added a Magic Keyboard and an Apple Pencil Pro. I always wanted to have an Apple device on launch day, so I guess I'm also a cool kid now. The Keyboard and the iPad form a nice package and the Pencil attaches with magnets to the iPad. Everything feels nice and tidy. But this combination comes with a small disadvantage:

If I want to use the Pencil, I have to detach the iPad from the keyboard, otherwise it's shaking. This illustration describes the problem:

Unlike the Logitech-keyboard-case, I can't change the angle of the keyboard to be flat, well, not at least without breaking it. If I lay the iPad on a table without a case, it's still wobbling due to the camera bump. I also don't want to leave the iPad unprotected. So, what now?

I cycled to the Apple Store again and got myself an additional cover for when I want to read in bed or use the Pencil. Please enjoy another drawing:

Although I have to bring two covers now, the original problem is solved. And I am also already used to bringing two covers, although it has always felt weird.