Re: The M1 Macs

When it launched some weeks ago, I bought myself a new iPad Pro (M4) after the old one has gotten slower and slower after six years. Mostly, I've used the new iPad as a $2000 Mastodon Ebook machine to read in bed work on my pile of unread Pocket-articles. Yesterday, I read a piece written by John Gruber in 2020 about the (back then) new M1 Macs. There are quite a few nice sentences in that 20 minutes-read making worth it, here are some:

We yearn for everything to be better. Yet we are resistant to change.
If you can’t beat them, join them. [...] If you can beat them handily, do it.
The defining characteristic of a Macintosh computer is that it’s nice. Beautiful in the way that an elegant mathematical proof is. [...] You just know it when you see, feel, and hear it. — John Gruber: The M1 Macs

He's right. Gruber was blown away by the speed of the M1-Macs and so was I in 2023 when I bought a new 14-inch MacBook Pro (M2). My first thoughts were:

Holy shit, is that a fast machine! Finally a computer that doesn't suck. That doesn't annoy me. That moves out of the way. That doesn't limit my speed to think (I don't think that fast). — Me, myself and I

Everything is just there, loading times have disappeared (except for crappy Electron-apps and the internet) and I don't miss them, to be honest. I feel a bit sad, that Apple wants to include more of that AI-bullshit.