No SwiftConf this year

More than one month ago — one day after I published the last story — I got fired. That's one reason why I haven't written any blogposts since then. I'm still getting paid until the end of August, but then that's it.

On the one hand, getting fired feels sucks. There's a lot of uncertinty and personal rejection involved. For the first time in my life, I will be unemployed. Life will go on — it always does — but it's a totally new experience for me.

On the other hand, there are many positive aspects of having plenty of time during the summer: Wanna swim in the lake nearby? Feel free! Wanna read all those long, interesting articles in your feed reader, you haven't had time for? Well, you've got plenty of time now! There're a dozen podcast episodes you want to listen to? Go ahead! There's this thing you've wanted to work on for a long time? Guess what? Just do it.

In 2016, I visited a deverlopers conference for the first time in my life: I attended SwiftConf in Cologne and I really enjoyed it. In 2017 I went there again. My employer back then paid for the ticket, the hotel, the train, me being there both years and I'm still very grateful for that.

This year, it will be different: Due to my unemployment, money became an issue. This year, I'd have to pay for the ticket by myself, as well as for the train to Cologne. I tried to convince myself to see these expenses as kind of a necessary investment, as there was always a very nice networking event in the evening, awesome catering and some interesting talks.

But I didn't manage to convince myself that this investment is worth the price. So: No SwiftConf for me this year. Unfortunately.