100 Days of SwiftUI — Day 25

This is the first time in ten days that I attended the SwiftUI-course by Paul Hudson. I'm taking a few days off from work right now, but the week before my vacation was pretty stressful and I didn't have the energy in the evenings. So I missed a few days.

But not anymore! I'm back on track, hopefully. I just did the 25th day and it was all about consolidation: There were some recap and I had to apply some things I learned about ten days ago. That was pretty hard, actually, as it feels like that I forgot plenty of things in those ten days I didn't do any SwiftUI.

At the end of the day, there was the challenge to build a rather simple version of Rock paper scissors. Mine looks very basic, but it works:

I hope, that I can gain some speed again in the next couple of days and I really appreciated, that Paul gave some hints and reminded me, that:

This should be a fun exercise

Beginning (again) is hard, I guess. But I did it, at least for today. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, again.