Yo Fellow Kids

Developing an iOS in 2024 with technology from 2012 or so

Someone gave me their old iPhone 3GS. Fascinated by this old technology still working I re-activated an old Macbook Alunimum from 2008: I bought a new battery and a new power adapter from Amazon and searched some boxes for this DVD with Mac OS X Lion on it until I found it.

The main objective is to write an iOS-client for Mastodon in Objective-C iOS 6.1.6. I won't promise to blog about it, as I won't keep that promise. This page serves as a notepad for myself on how to use hardware and software from ~12 years ago.

Don't try this at home. Using unsupported technology can be quite harmful, especially when it comes to IT-security. You've been warned.

Software and where to get it

Please don't connect the old Mac to the Internet. I use a modern computer to download the software and transfer it to the old Mac.

Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Issues to expect

  • Using the internet might be tough as certificates tend to expire after some time.
  • How do I get the code from the local git-repository to gitea or Github?
  • What about Third-Party-Code? JSON? OAuth? -> Download code from Github and transfer it to the old Mac.
  • I might need to host a local API-clone of the Mastodon-API