100 Days of SwiftUI — Day 32.2

Well, let's say, I needed a break for like a whole month. From time to time I had a bad conscience that I kind of stopped, but let's call it a break.

The last time I rushed through the animation-parts and that broke my neck when it came to the exercises. So today, a month later, I spontanously gave it another try, starting with Day 32 again.

It was about animations and I wanted to understand them. To do so I read the texts slowly: There're three ways to animate things:

  1. Animate the view implicitly
  2. Attach the animations to a binding and its change — and not the view!
  3. Animate things explicitly

The third part was basically the previous Day 32-blogpost, it just blew my mind. What I didn't understand back than was the second way, but today I think I finally got it.

So, yeah, till tomorrow!