100 Days of SwiftUI — Day 1

This week, I attended UIKonf 2020, a conference for iOS developers. Due to the current circumstances — you might have heard of the COVID-19 pandemic, I suppose — the conference took place as a remote conference and so I spent basically two days watching videos at my desk at home. It was great and lots of fun and I really enjoyed it and learned some things.

Paul Hudson gave the first talk. If he doesn't give talks on "conferencing from home" conferences, he runs Hacking with Swift and writes about Swift, tutorial, books and so on. His talk reminded me that I wanted to take part in his 100 Days of SwiftUI series to learn SwiftUI. The idea is that you learn about SwiftUI for 100 days in a row — up to one hour per day — and you tell others about your progress. That's why there might a couple of pretty short blogposts coming in the next days and weeks. Please feel free to ask if I didn't post for a day or so :-)

Today I learned some basics on my first day. Although it wasn't really a challenge, as I already get paid for writing Swift as an iOS deeveloper, I learned that you can put a \ in a multi-line string when you don't want a line break at that position.

I'm looking forward to the second day and I'm pretty curious for how long I'll can free an hour a day.